Hi! My name is Mari Kinovych,
I live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine and this website is my attempt to become a proper freelancer.

I love to be an illustrator because of this kind of freedom when you can be different with every new illustration, but also I love some boring technical tasks where you don't need to be creative.

I work with different clients and tasks due to my wide experience: from lettering to illustrations for explainer videos. But my all-time favorites are illustrations for some editorial/social media purposes and books.

Here I gather only a small part of my works but show more process and commercial cases on my Behance page.

Besides work, I have a lot of fun with my dog, like to cook (but not every day), do yoga, plant my balcony with succulents and find pleasure in watching paintings of Old Masters. I spend too much time on social media and want to practice more analog graphics.

Hope you are enjoying my illustration space!